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Style & Practicality

Handmade in england
Trying to work out how her son could safely travel with his gun and luggage was the inspiration for the Stanley bag.

After numerous testing of products, and determined to keep the manufacture in the United Kingdom, Emma Codrington is proud to launch Hussey & Freke. A Collection of the finest quality luggage to carry all your shooting needs.

A full size weekend suit case with enough room for all of your shooting paraphernalia. The unique feature of our bags is the hidden compartment in their base, designed specifically to discreetly house your shotgun. The concealed compartment avoids all the embarrassments of checking your gun into hotels, flying on a plane or taking a train, as it neatly stores the 'broken' gun* away out of sight, allowing you to travel with comfort and ease. (*Anyone travelling with a firearm must be in possession of a valid shotgun certificate.)

Handmade using the highest quality materials

The principal materials used in the manufacture of our bags are cotton and leather. The bonded cotton canvas fabric we use is a strong, waterproof material which is created by bonding two layers of cotton drill with a central core of natural rubber. This high quality fabric has a luxurious and soft feel unlike synthetic materials. We also use British dyed and proofed 24oz canvas, which is not bonded, and has been treated to resist water.

Leather components and detailing on our bags are made from the highest quality English leather. We use brass and occasionally nickel plated brass for our hardware, as well as wood and aluminium alloy for braces and supports when required. We use British woven military grade 100% cotton parachute webbing.

All our bags are beautifully handmade in England.

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